Frequently Asked Questions about being in the Brandon Eagle Band


1. “With so many required subjects, will I be able to fit band into my schedule?”

All high school students are required to take one full year of Fine Arts to graduate. Band counts as that graduation requirement. Since you have to take a Fine Arts course anyway, it might as well be band!


2. “Band takes too much time. Will I have time to study?”

The academic success of the band students prove that time is available. Many students in band are at the top of their class, in Honors/AP classes, clubs, sports, etc. The band also graduated one salutatorian and two valedictorians in the past 5 years. Band members learn to manage their time. Band generally rehearses only two days a week. You will get your homework done if you manage your time appropriately!


3. “Can I be in sports and band?”

Yes. Sometimes we have to work out schedules, but it can be done. Band students are given a calendar of events for the entire year to know ahead of time when activities are planned. If you plan to participate in a sport, we encourage you to avoid one that takes place during the first 12 weeks of school, which is the approximate length of the marching season. If you do, please talk to Ms. Douglas about your options.


4. “I’m in middle school and have never marched before. Will I be able to do it?”

Everyone in the band was an 8th grader at one time that asked themselves the same question. The BHS marching band camp takes place a few weeks before school starts and is required. During that time we will teach you marching fundamentals and more advanced playing fundamentals as well as learning music for the fall, issuing uniforms, and will basically get you ready for the high school band experience. If you have a positive attitude and are willing to learn, you will do great!


5.  Can I also be in Jazz Band?

Yes, Jazz Ensemble is a separate class though. Students must first be a member of a normal Band I-IV class. Then if your schedule permits, you can add jazz band as a second elective. Student may not only be in the jazz band class.


6. When does the band rehearse?

Mondays and Thursdays after school until 6:00pm.


7. Is there a fee for being in band?

Yes, there are fees to help pay for your expenses in band. Lack of money should never be the reason to miss out on the high school band experience. You can always work something out with the band director if there is a problem paying the fees. Most students pay for all their fees by fundraising.


8. Does the band travel?

Yes, the band goes to all home and away football games. For away games, the students meet at BHS

and take school buses to the destination school. It’s a fun time for all the students. Sometimes, we will

also take an end of the year trip. 

If you have any other questions, please email