Alex Pedigo

Brass Tech



The color guard/winter guard program at Brandon allows students the opportunity to learn performing concepts involving flags, rifles, sabers and basic choreography associated with a visual performance.  In the fall, this group will work in conjunction with marching band.  In the Spring, this group will work independently performing at indoor competitions.


​Winter Guard

Hours: Mon - Fri  7:33 - 3:00


Contact Information

Shannon McLaughlin

Asst. Colorguard Director


Joshua Morris

Colorguard Director


Revae Douglas

Director of Bands


Cory Bone

Marching Tech


Our Staff

​​​​The Brandon Jazz Ensemble reflects traditional Big Band instrumentation (saxophone, trumpet, trombone and rhythm section). Through listening to recordings, critiquing, analyzing, discussion and application, students will learn a variety of jazz styles found within this genre. 


Jazz Ensemble 

This course will provide a large ensemble setting for students who wish to continue to develop both their own instrumental skill and that of an ensemble member interested in participating in both the Concert Band and Marching Band setting. The Brandon High School Marching Band is an organization which provides entertaining performances for football games, pep rallies,  band festivals, parades and concerts. Students will be required to attend all scheduled events and rehearsals. A required marching band camp will be held in the summer. The Concert Band will also be a performing group that will travel to festivals to perform. All band students are required to participate in marching band. Please see our full list of scheduled events for all rehearsal and performance dates.


Brandon High School Band